The 2 AM Team

Suffering from a panic attack at a time where no one else is up to call?
We are here to help. Join us for free and send us a message!

Are you feeling anxious? Rapid heart rate, body shakes or feeling nauseous? We understand that panic attacks can come in many forms and sometimes. All you need is someone to talk to and calm you down.

This free service is here for you. “Its always 2am somewhere” we like to use this line as panic attacks can often come at night, totally unexpectedly and often near 2am. And by connecting people with each other on this subject will soon mean there will always be someone here to talk to you and help with the situation no matter what the time.

We offer a number of options here starting with our forum. The quickest place to find someone online and start a conversation, as having someone there when you fear the worst can resolve many attacks. Next up we have our questionnaires and activities to get involved in. Getting your mind away from what caused the attack is vital.

We also offer helpful information and links for articles so you can check yourself if it is a panic attack your having and nothing worse (which can often help resolve the extra anxiety by identifying the cause of your destress)


Chat with others to help you through your panic attack.



Worried and not sure what’s happening? Find out more here.


exercises to try

Take a look at our selection of exercises you can try yourself now.


Worried to post on the forum and the exercises not helping? Send us a message and one of our admins can get back to you and try to help the situation.

Either use the support page to sent us a ticket and our agents will get back to you as soon as possible or use the contact us form to get a hold of us for a call back or check up.


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